Presents from PFC!

It’s time to get in the holiday spirit!

Celebrate the holidays with Pacific FC! Starting Friday, December 6 our “#PresentsFromPFC” contest is a great way to show off your Vancouver Island and Pacific Football Club trivia skills to score some great prizes! Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to answer daily questions for your chance to win.

Check back on our website or social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) each day for an updated trivia question. Each day, a winner will be randomly selected from the correct answers and announced the following day. Make sure to get your answers in before midnight!

Winners: Day 1: adam.polles (website entry), Day 2: @lukas_sp13 (instagram entry), Day 3: @jackwk7 (instagram entry), Day 4: Luiz A. De Souza (Website entry), Day 5:Stephanie Harris @Harris19 (Twitter entry), Day 6: Crystal Murphy (Facebook Entry), Day 7: @mikescharien (Instagram entry), Day 8: Taylor McMillan (Instagram Entry), Day 9: @LeoSanchez._ (Instagram entry), Day 10: Francoise Robinson (Website Entry). Day 11: Tomi Leiviska – (Facebook Entry)


Day 12 Question: In the 2019 season who was the youngest & oldest player to feature for PFC?

Presents From PFC Daily Answer

Day 1 Question: Who was Pacific FC’s first ever signing? A – Kadin Chung

Day 2 Question: Which player kept the Westhills Stadium grand re-opening party going on August 24th with 2 goals against Valour? A – Marcus Haber

Day 3 Question: Who was Pacific FC’s top goalscorer this year? A – Terran Campbell

Day 4 Question: How many combined U21 minutes did Pacific have throughout the 2019 regular season?  A – 13,532 minutes

Day 5 Question: Who scored the first goal in Pacific FC history? A – Hendrik Starostzik

Day 6 Question: What kind of tree features in Pacific FC’s Primary logo? A – Douglas fir

Day 7 Question: Which Pacific FC player calls Comox, BC his hometown? A – Nolan Wirth #NolansWirthIT

Day 8 Question: Which 2019 Pacific FC player is the son of a former national team member that represented Canada at the FIFA World Cup Finals in ‘86? A: David Norman Jr. 

Day 9 Question: Pacific FC’s secondary logo features the club’s motto, where does it come from and what does it stand for? A: Semper Liber – Forever Free, from the City of Victoria’s Sigil representing the Island life in connection with the harbour and Pacific ocean. 

Day 10: Who were Pacific FC’s 2019 U Sports Draft Picks? A: Jan Pirretas & Thomas Gardner. 

Day 11: Who assisted the most goals for Pacific FC in the inaugural season of the CPL? A: Blake Smith & Ben Fisk 

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