Owners’ Profile


Josh Simpson, President

The inception of Pacific FC was inspired by a theme familiar to many wayward Islanders; a desire to be back home on Canada’s west coast. Josh Simpson, himself raised on the Island, had to seek opportunities away from home in order to establish his playing career post University of Portland. When the Canadian Premier League opportunity arose, the idea of providing future local pros with a Vancouver Island option was too compelling to pass up. Simpson’s experience abroad, transition to finance, and contagious energy will be of huge value to a club built on youthful vibrancy and one that aspires to be best in class at every aspect. The former Canadian International will be moving his young family back home from Zurich Switzerland to lead the club’s operations.

Pacific FC Headshots June 5th, Victoria 2019 ©KevinLight-PGA ©KevinLight _EVL9747

Rob Friend, Chief Executive Officer

Another former Canadian International who had to leave his own country for career opportunities is Saskatchewan born and Kelowna raised Rob Friend. It was Germany’s Bundesliga where the no-nonsense striker became fascinated by the adrenaline boosting influence of supporter culture and atmosphere. Beyond providing more chances for Island grown players, Friend’s desire to create an intimate total soccer environment, is what’s fuelling his own passion for the PFC project. Alongside his best mate Josh Simpson, the UC Santa Barbara Business Economics major will help guide the on-field identity of the club while also helping to establish the business operations culture.

Pacific FC Headshots June 5th, Victoria 2019 ©KevinLight-PGA ©KevinLight _EVL9733

Dean Shillington, Chairman

The Saskatchewan born President and CEO of Knightsbridge Capital is fan of virtually every type of sport and competition, particularly when a Canadian National team is involved. Dean Shillington’s business and entrepreneurial acumen is driven by a desire to fight for the underdog, and turn distressed companies into success stories. Shillington’s background in finance and marketing along with his understanding of the CPL’s business structure will be key assets in building a sustainable club for Vancouver Island, and a legacy for local players and aspiring soccer administrators.