2023 Flex Pack

Each Ticket Flex Pack is made up of Ticket Vouchers. These Vouchers can be exchanged through Account Manager for tickets to any of Pacific FC’s regular season matches as well as select additional matches.

In the coming weeks you will see your Ticket Vouchers appear in your account through Account Manager, at which point you will be able to begin to exchange your vouchers for match day tickets!

Absolutely! Our 2023 Flex Packs are simply a pack of ticket vouchers so that you have the freedom to make them best work for you. Use 1 ticket to each game, 2 tickets to a few games or all your tickets to 1 game!

First you’ll need to exchange your Ticket Vouchers for match day tickets. Once you have completed the exchange process, you will be able to use Account Manager to transfer tickets to anyone you are attending the match with so that they will have their own ticket!