Player’s voice: A letter from Pacific FC’s first signing

Dear fans,

I’ve really missed west coast life.

Not just the food – which I love – but the water and mountains and exploring nature in one of the most beautiful places in Canada.

I love B.C., and I’m really excited to be coming back home.

It means a lot, coming home.

I’ve always loved the Island for its strong, connected communities, with their own unique identities. I want to embrace that at Pacific FC, and show those same qualities.

I know our fanbase is going to be extraordinary.

Support for soccer on the Island is really underestimated, and over the years, all across Canada, I’ve seen that support grow and grow.

When I look up into the stands and see all the fans cheering, I feel like I have a purpose.

I’m excited to play in front of my family again, too.

Every time I step out onto the field I’m going to give it my all. I know my purpose. This is it.

I want to play for the Island, to go out and to make a difference.

You can rely on me.

Kadin Chung

Chung letter
Kadin Chung, Pacific FC.

This is about the Canadian Premier League and about Canadians in general.

When you think of the appetite and thirst for knowledge about these initial players and what our teams will look and feel like, this is massive. As I like to put it, this will help show what the DNA of our league will look like.

One of the top questions I’ve received is “Will there be young men from our regions playing on our teams?” Another big question from fans is “Will they be Canadians?” And the answer to both is a resounding yes. These guys are here because they want to play in this league. They’ve embraced the honour of playing coast-to-coast in Canada.

For me, they will forever be linked to the Canadian Premier League.

– David Clanachan, CPL Commissioner.