Pacific FC donates five-a-side field to indigenous school board on Vancouver Island
Canadian Premier League

Victoria, BC, August 24, 2021 – Pacific FC in partnership with the Canadian Premier League’s #WeAreOneCommunity initiative is pleased to announce that they have donated a five-a-side soccer pitch to W̱SÁNEĆ School Board (“WSB”), which serves the Saanich People on four reserves and surrounding communities of Tsartlip, Pauquachin, Tseycum and Tsawout to be used by the nation’s youth. The W̱SÁNEĆ People have a proud history and love for the game of soccer which will be enhanced by a new playing facility on the reserve near Brentwood Bay, BC.

Five-a-Side football (soccer) is a variation of full-field football and a version of mini-football in which each team fields five players in a smaller specialty-built pitch. Popular with children and adults, the five-a-side mini-pitch will be installed at the ȽÁU, WELṈEW̱ Tribal School this week and is expected to open in early fall. As part of the build, the League and Pacific FC will offer a range of soccer activities and outreach programs to members of the Tsartlip, Pauquachin, Tseycum, and Tsawout communities.

Pa Modou-Kah (head coach Pacific FC), Curtis Olsen (Administrator, WSANEC School Board), and Rob Friend, CEO, Pacific FC.
Pa Modou-Kah (head coach Pacific FC), Curtis Olsen (Administrator, WSANEC School Board), and Rob Friend, CEO, Pacific FC.

Pacific FC and the CPL have partnered with Musco Lighting whose Mini-Pitch System™ Modular Sports Solution has an innovative, all-in-one design to help communities create fun and active play spaces by revitalizing public areas. This system is ideal for transforming abandoned courts and other underutilized areas into places where children and families can come together in the spirit of teamwork, empowerment, and physical activity. The mini-pitch comes as a modular system complete with lighting, fencing, goals, benches, ADA-compliant access, and lockable storage.

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“One of the mandates of Pacific FC and the Canadian Premier League is to support the growth soccer on Vancouver Island and throughout the country,” said Rob Friend, CEO, Pacific FC. “We are extremely passionate about this initiative and looking forward to a long-term partnership with the WSANEC community through the sport of soccer.”

“The WSANEC School Board and the WSANEC Communities are excited about the donation of the five-a-side soccer pitch and the opportunities that it will open up for our youth. It's great to see Pacific FC and the Canadian Premier League providing opportunities to the community and we look forward to long-lasting relationships with both organizations,” said Curtis Olsen, Administrator, WSANEC School Board. “Soccer has played an important role in our communities, and this will enhance future opportunities for our youth. In the past we have been limited by wet field conditions, but this will allow us to play year-round.”

“The Canadian Premier League is committed to being a community leader in Canada as we focus on growing the game of soccer from coast to coast,” said CPL Commissioner, David Clanachan. “We are looking forward to the completion of this first Mini-Pitch and the opportunity to celebrate its opening. We hope this is the first of many pitches we will launch increasing a lasting opportunity for sport and community for the next generation of Canadian soccer talent.”