Emblem Inspiration

Inspiration of Crest

Native to Vancouver Island, the Douglas Fir tree is seen throughout the region including the area surrounding the stadium Pacific FC will call home. These ancient trees are a symbol of strength and survival with their massive trunks and towering heights dating back hundreds of years.

The shape of the douglas fir is split into segments, with the right side of tree forming an abstract shape of the isle.

At the bottom of the crest is the trident, traditionally used for spear fishing and a mytholigical symbol for having control of the ocean.

The tree is bordered by the ocean with a single chevron representing the ocean wave and Victoria, Victory and Vancouver Island.

Inspiration of Name

Like the ocean, the club intends to sculpt a new and exciting landscape, this time for the beautiful game in one of the world’s most beautiful places. A team reflective of the Island itself; attractive, rugged and bubbling with the energy of an incoming wave.

Inspiration of Colours

Starfish Purple

Lagoon Blue

Lighthouse White

The primary colour of Pacific FC, Van-Isle’s purple is inspired by the starfish of the region. Once under threat of a severe epidemic, the resilient sea star battled back to survive and thrive in the Pacific Northwest.

Lagoon Blue is inspired by the club’s namesake ocean, the great Pacific. The ocean is everything to islanders, with casual afternoons often spent hiking to get a better view of the surrounding shores.

As welcome sights along the rugged island coastline, lighthouses are an icon of Vancouver Island with a number of the historic white structures still active today.