Club Philosophy

A football club should be reflective of the community it serves, and represent the values of its people both on and off the field. In the case of Pacific FC, named after the mighty Pacific Ocean and the ascending tech hub of Victoria, one word defines the aspirations of both club and community; “energy”.

That optimistic vibe is fuelled by ocean air, and powered by the wind, waves and human vitality that spawns fresh ideas and new adventures.

The feeling is palpable everywhere on Vancouver Island and particularly in the BC Capital which has undergone a seismic shift from sleepy tourist and retirement town, to thriving entrepreneurial haven on top of a long established home for higher education.

For two ex-pros who fed off the energy of raucous European crowds, Josh Simpson and Rob Friend played the game with their own vibrancy which in turn fed the synergistic buzz from supporters.

Striving to create that electrifying footballing atmosphere is the underlying current that will energize all aspects of the club. It will require magnetic, dynamic personalities with a tireless work ethic; a club culture built on youthful optimism and exuberance that reflects the new Victoria and progressive development that is taking place all over Vancouver Island.

Victoria has a colourful history and a bright future. The Pacific is vast, unrelenting and continuously shifting the landscape. Expect the same from the Island’s new CPL club as it attempts to create history, while perpetually evolving, innovating and sparkling with life like the ocean itself.