Technical Philosophy

What makes the Pacific Ocean so compelling is how it can be shimmering, serene and beautiful one minute, to powerfully dangerous and unpredictable within such a short period of time. It’s those factors that command respect from mariners.

Starting a club from mile zero allows for the creation of a technical philosophy that will endure, no matter which coach is tasked with executing the on-field application.

For Pacific FC, the foundational ocean inspired element of “energy” can easily be translated to the pitch. There can be many interpretations of what energy looks like from a tactical perspective. But the underlying theme is that the team must inspire the supporters through endeavour, willingness and urgency. In short, the team must exude energy.

The type of player that wears the PFC crest will also appreciate the beauty of the game, while also possessing a ruggedness that is synonymous with Island players.

Therein lies the most important technical attribute for the club: discovering, developing and incorporating as many Island born players as possible. The area has always been a hot-bed for athletes thanks in part to the climate. The time has finally come to carry forward the Island’s strong footballing history which the club aims to foster in perpetuity.