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Calling all Pacific FC fans around the world, from Port Hardy to Portugal, from Burnaby to Belarus, from St. John's to Singapore. Introducing the Pacific FC Global Fan Membership, designed for fans unable to join us in-person at Starlight Stadium on game days. We know we have fans around the world, whether you live elsewhere in B.C., Canada or in another country altogether! Each membership includes a OneSoccer subscription to catch every Pacific FC game, a 2020 Jersey, an exclusive merchandise discount and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Global Fan Membership does not contain any match tickets. While you will become a Pacific FC Member, your membership is a purely digital experience! We designed this program for those who support Pacific FC but live too far away to attend matches in person.

Your OneSoccer subscription will begin prior to the start of the 2021 CPL season to maximize the value of your subscription. You will receive your subscription code via email closer to the beginning of the 2021 Season.

To claim your 2020 Home jersey, you will be emailed a unique code to redeem during checkout on our online Fan Shop.

You will receive a unique code via email which will be your 15% merchandise discount. Be sure to enter your code when your picking up your new PFC gear to receive your 15% discount.

The Global Fan Membership Add-On contains all the benefits of the Global Fan Membership without the OneSoccer subscription. Perfect for multiple Pacific FC fans living in the same household who only need 1 subscription. *Please note, to purchase the Add-On, you must first purchase 1 full Global Fan Membership.